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Enrollment at Little Sprouts

Looking for the right daycare can be challenging, and we want Little Sprouts to be an easy transition for you and your child(ren). We want Little Sprouts to be a clear choice for your infant or toddler’s education. When you enroll your child at Little Sprouts you can rest assured that your child is getting long term, high quality education – in a safe, nurturing environment.

+ Tuition

Our rates are competitive with other local daycare centers in the Madison area. We offer a safe environment, while also offering a highly educational curriculum that is fun and creative, where your child will learn and grow in a multi-age daycare setting.


Tuition includes: wholesome meals/snacks - including baby food, most field trips, project/art supplies, any other program supplies, and quality one-on-one attention from a dedicated teacher. The only thing you need to worry about is an extra set of clothes, diapers (if needed), formula, and any medicine - we do try to accommodate special food requests. Leave the rest to us!


We are educated and equipped with the knowledge to teach each age group, and can answer any questions you may have about our philosophy or our mission. Our rates offer flexibility for families that may only need part-time care, or for families that have not-so-consistent schedules. Please contact Ali for specific tuition questions.

+ What happens when I schedule a meeting?

We will schedule a meeting after hours with the owner, Ali, so you can get a good idea of how the daycare space is set up and how it functions. We can also go over any paperwork or other specific questions you may have.

Below are the forms that are due and to be completed by the first day of attendance.


Enrollment Form

* Child Immunization Form

Transportation Form

Heath History and Emergency Care Plan

* Child Health Report

Authorization to Administer Medicine

Intake for Child Under 2 Years (if child is under 2 years)

• Completed Daycare Contract & Application (will be sent via email, due before first day)

* The child's first two weeks tuition is also due before first day of attendance.

Still have questions?

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+ What forms do I need?